DealRoom Review

DealRoom is a cloud-based M&A lifecycle management software that helps institutions streamline their deal work flow. The software is made for small and channel businesses as well as significant corporations. It gives a variety of features, which includes advanced search, a local library of web templates, and pipeline management.

Along the way of an M&A transaction, it can also be challenging to look for information. Having permission out of multiple get-togethers to view documents could be time-consuming. By incorporating an online online deal bedroom, it is much easier to track viewing and logging.

While an investment opportunity progresses, DealRoom provides real-time changes to the buyer and vendor, ensuring that both parties are on the same page. It also offers a centralized database, accurate insurance quotes, and other necessary documents.

Its intuitive ui is easy to navigate, rendering the right amount of info. Users may search full-text or filtration system attendees depending in pre-set criteria. With live support, DealRoom users are connected with a product sales specialist that can help them determine the best prices plan.

DealRoom offers a variety of features, from a library of templates into a dedicated event app. DealRoom also gives custom made training and onboarding. Coordinators can generate committed areas designed for meetings, large sessions, and networking setting up.

DealRoom is designed for a 14-day free trial. After the trial period, customers can purchase a subscription. To use DealRoom, companies can make a program based on the quantity of users and the data consumption.

DealRoom provides a variety of protection features, which include two-factor authentication and an encrypted storage space. DealRoom can even be integrated with Google Programs and Microsoft company Office.